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"The natural beauty of Saugeen Shores draws new residents and tourists alike.  We can have growth, but we must nurture, protect, and expand the parks, trails, and natural spaces that draw us all here."                                                                                                                                                                               -Bud
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I’m Bud Halpin, and I’m seeking a seat for the Port Elgin Ward on Saugeen Shores Council in the October election.


During my 22 year teaching career in Saugeen Shores, I had many opportunities to work with the Town and several community groups.  Under my leadership the students worked on our beaches, parks, and community spaces.  I am seeking a seat on council, so that I can continue to serve the citizens and community of Saugeen Shores.


I believe that I have excellent experience to serve as a member of Saugeen Shores Council.

I had one term as Councillor in Chesley where my portfolio included  Public Works. Among my proudest achievements was being the lead councillor in

establishing the Chesley Rail Trail System. I also had one

term as Chesley’s representative of the Arran Elderslie PUC.

(Public Utilities Commission)


Before I was a teacher, I ran my own small contracting

business for over 10 years. For 10 years I also owned and

operated two cottage parks in Port Elgin.  This gives me

unique insight into the tourist industry and small

business, which are important components of the

Saugeen Shores economy.


My working career demonstrates an ability to be

co-operative, to be innovative, and to be dedicated in

serving the community.


Please take time to read my platforms.

Call, text, email, or message me if you have a question.

I would appreciate your support!



Bud Halpin.

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Take a closer look at my policies by clicking the links below.


Affordable Housing

Transparency and Consultation of Council

Youth Engagement and Retention

100 Housing Units in 4 Years

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September 1, 2022, 4:00:00 p.m.




2022 Saugeen Shores Municipal Election

Voting October 17th - October 24th